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august 4 - 27


A deep conversation with your best friend. An uninterrupted sleep with no alarm clock. A perfect evening watching the sunset at the lake. Your favorite meal prepared just right with your favorite people. Satisfaction. We all have different needs: the need for relationship, the need for rest, the need for affirmation, the need for comfort. Throughout life, we search for the things that will fill those needs. Sometimes we find them. Sometimes we don’t. And the further away from satisfying our needs that we are, the more life feels, well… unsatisfying.

Augustine of Hippo wrote in his Confessions in 397 AD, “You have made us for yourself, and our hearts are restless until they rest in you.” In those words, Augustine articulated something that all humans feel at some point even if they can’t always put their finger on it. That even when we have a fully belly and a full house and a full heart, there’s sometimes something still missing. We feel that hole when we feel guilt over our past. We feel the hole when we feel insecure about who we are. We feel that hole when we’re not able to get a handle on our fears. We feel that hole when we can’t help but be defensive with the people we love. It’s a hole that very precisely comes in the shape of God.

In Satisfied in Jesus, we gather around our Savior as he fills that God-shaped hole in all of us. Through an extended sermon in John 6, Jesus uses the metaphor of bread in different ways to explain the depth of satisfaction in life that comes through a relationship with Jesus. Come to his Word and drink of his love. Quench your longing heart in the gospel of Jesus.


  • Week 1: Jesus Gives Salvation (Aug. 4-6)

  • Week 2: God Gives Jesus (Aug. 11-13)

  • Week 3: Jesus Gives Relationship (Aug. 18-20)

  • Week 4: Jesus Gives Faith (Aug. 25-27)


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