We stand facing a hill. Golgotha. Before we reach it are the 40 days of Lent.

In many ways these 40 days are a model of our life in this wilderness of earth. A person’s experience of this life will vary, but there’s a constant about life that doesn’t vary at all. During our life on earth, we face trials. During life on earth, we battle.

We’re calling our Lent series Battleground because we’re taking a look at six specific battles we fight simply because we follow Christ while we live on earth. Each of these battles are custom-made to exhaust us, to lead us from Christ, and to defeat us. Yet God’s Word shows us how Jesus give us a specific victory over each of these six battles. A victory that stands in the perspective of the final battle that waits at the end of Lent. A battle for which we already know the outcome.

Week 1 - v. Temptation - March 9-11

Week 2 - v. Opposition - March 16-18

Week 3 - v. Complacency - March 23-25, 2019

Week 4 - v. Pride - March 30-April 1, 2019

Week 5 - v. Entitlement - April 6-8, 2019

Week 6 - v. Shame - April 13-15, 2019


Saturday - 4:30 pM Lynndale Campus

Sunday - 8:00 aM Parkway Campus

Sunday - 10:30 aM Parkway Campus

Monday - 6:00 pM Parkway Campus