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If life is simply “this”-- our earthly experience, then “this” is worth our investment. We’d be foolish to not build kingdoms to ourselves and hang accomplishments for others to see. If life is simply “this.” But it isn’t. When we acknowledge a reality greater than our earthly experience, then all of life comes into perspective.

“Perspective” is a sermon series that looks specifically at three truths beyond our earthly experience. 

1- There’s an end to earth, 
2 - Heaven comes after earth, and
3 - We have a King over all others. 

When we keep our eyes on these truths, then life finds a different perspective. A bigger perspective. A truer perspective.

November 11 - 13 -- Living with Eyes on the End

November 18 - 20 -- Living with Eyes on Heaven

November 27 - 30 -- Living with Eyes on the King








4:30 PM Lynndale Campus

8:00 AM Parkway Campus

10:30 AM Parkway Campus

6:00 PM Parkway Campus