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The 40 days of Lent recall the 40 days Jesus fasted in the wilderness and struggled against the Tempter. Of the three Biblical accounts of this period of temptation, Mark's account is the most general. It mentions no specific temptation, but instead focuses on the circumstances surrounding this period of struggle (after his baptism, alone except for the wild animals, tempted for 40 days, attended by the angels). The Gospel of Luke reminds us that after this 40-day period Satan left Jesus, but only until another opportune time. He probably didn't stay away for long.

As Jesus struggled against all kinds of temptation, so we also are called to struggle. This call is made especially clear during the season of Lent. Each week of this series, we will focus on different struggles that we face during our lives in the wilderness of this world. We will also highlight specific gospel strength that God provides, so that we might struggle well.








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