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starting april 7


Some news just has to be shared. After Jesus had died and risen, so much changed for his followers. They had confirmation that their faith was true. They had hope! Hope that no matter what they faced, they would rise just like Jesus did. And for the disciples, hope made them bold. They couldn’t keep to themselves the good news that Jesus was alive. Jesus was Messiah, Jesus was God, Jesus was Life for those who knew him. And the disciples wanted to make sure that everyone did just that--know him.

Starting the first week after Easter, Proclaiming the Resurrection is a six-week sermon series that looks at key events and teachings in the early church. It follows central members who voraciously proclaimed the resurrection, even in the face of great danger. As we work through key sections in the book of Acts, we’ll learn how Easter and Jesus’ resurrection changes us and makes us bold to proclaim the resurrection to others.








4:30 PM Lynndale Campus

8:00 AM Parkway Campus

10:30 AM Parkway Campus

6:00 PM Parkway Campus