Sunday 9:15 - 10:15, Parkway Campus


Pastor Mark leads Bethany’s Sunday Studies. This group is Bethany’s most popular study as it comes at a convenient time between the Sunday morning services on the Parkway Campus (9:15-10:15). Pastor Mark rotates through topical studies and studies through books of the Bible. Whatever the study is, you can be sure that it is rooted in God’s Word and designed to lead God’s people to a deeper appreciation of the Love that God gives us in Jesus.



fall theme

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There are several dictionary definitions of the word "idol," but what do you think of when you hear it or see it? Is it an older carving or statue, such as the golden calf that the Israelites from the Old Testament worshiped for a time? Or is it something much more common in current times, like money? Or maybe a rock star or an athlete?

During our new Sunday Studies theme that begins September 9, Pastor Mark will help us discover that there are some items or people in our lives that we've been treating as idols but didn't even realize it. Maybe people wouldn't traditionally think of them as idols. Maybe it's not obvious to anyone that we're treating them as idols. But whatever our idols are, they're negatively affecting our relationship with God. Find out how the Holy Spirit can help us to avoid worshiping them. 


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