Sunday 9:15 - 10:15, Parkway Campus


Pastor Mark leads Bethany’s Sunday Studies. This group is Bethany’s most popular study as it comes at a convenient time between the Sunday morning services on the Parkway Campus (9:15-10:15). Pastor Mark rotates through topical studies and studies through books of the Bible. Whatever the study is, you can be sure that it is rooted in God’s Word and designed to lead God’s people to a deeper appreciation of the Love that God gives us in Jesus.


Current Series

"Goliath Must Fall" is our current Sunday Studies theme. Each week, Pastor Mark uses a combination of video teaching and group study/discussion to help us fight our "giant." The focus of this study is to help us realize just how big God is, and that with his help we can overcome any "giant" (fear, rejection, addiction, etc.) that is holding us captive and robbing us of our joy.

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