Every day we make hundreds, if not thousands of decisions. And while we might attribute some of those decisions (what cereal to eat, what tie to wear, what show to watch) to simply our feelings, we make some of our decisions--the decisions that matter--based on some very core values. Like, what makes my life meaningful? What are my plans for the future? Whom do I love?

While everyone has their own answers to these questions, all the answers come down to one side of a division. Do you see life from a perspective here below? Or do you see life from a perspective above?

FROM ABOVE / HERE BELOW is a five-week sermon series that reframes some of the core values of our lives. God challenges us to think bigger than an earthly perspective of what our values are and to begin to see things from his perspective. And as he ascends our perspective, he also bestows on us unique blessings.

Week 1: Plans (Sept 28-30)

Week 2: Love (Oct 5-7)

Week 3: Value (Oct 12-14)

Week 4: Meaning (Oct 19-21)

Week 5: Duty (Oct 26-28)